Webinars & Events

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School Professionals Trainings

DBT For School Professionals Training

DBT Skills for School Professionals

Join Certified DBT clinicians and learn how to implement DBT skills into an academic setting:

  • Mindfulness to increase focus on school
  • Emotion regulation skills to change interfering emotions
  • Behavioral assessment to improve decision making
  • In the moment crisis survival skills to reduce impulsivity
  • Interpersonal skills to increase validation, assertiveness, and ability to resolve conflict

July 12 – August 2 | 10:00am – 12:30pm CST

Clinical Consultation

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I offer consultation to clinicians interested in providing or currently providing DBT. Consultation sessions are offered virtually, either as needed or for an agreed upon time frame with a specific agenda. Some consultation topics can include: skills training, behavioral analysis, validation skills, and case conceptualization.