The Journey Begins! (2 min read)

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Balance Between Heart and Brain | Wise Mind Counseling

Thank you for visiting my site!   I will begin by telling you about Wise Mind Counseling and myself!

I began my counseling career in a day treatment program and treated many adolescent clients with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).  I started my training in  Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) – the most widely researched treatment for BPD.  I was intensively trained and am now a certified clinician (one of six in the state of Wisconsin).

I started the first comprehensive DBT program in Green Bay at a non-profit setting and moved the program to a hospital setting a few years later.  I absolutely love the balance in DBT – the emphasis on mindfulness and acceptance while teaching so many valuable skills and ways to change.

I decided to move from the hospital setting at Bellin Health into private practice where I will continue my work in DBT (and other evidence based therapies – DBT-PE to treat trauma, CBT Exposure to treat anxiety disorders, Behavior Activation to treat mood, and CAMS to treat suicidal concerns) with adolescents and adults.   It is my pleasure to continue teaching and coaching others in DBT.

I am located in Sturgeon Bay, an area of Door County.  I will continue working with clients in Wisconsin to offer specialized treatment (virtual and in person options).  Telehealth services have opened up opportunities for people to participate in therapy in a very convenient way, and I’m happy to offer virtual services to those who are too far or not interested in traveling in to an office.   For those that prefer in person, I love Door County and I hope people will enjoy the variety of places to visit before or after a therapy session!

Please contact me if you would like to schedule an intake or learn more about evidence based therapy.